Live Showcase of WooCommerce

When I recently asked Twitter what I should cover in my Woo writings, one of the things people mentioned most was doing showcases. I figured that, instead of showing you something that is already done, I would much rather take you on a journey that starts at step one. Hence: a live showcase!

What’s A Live Showcase?

Together with you all I will be creating a site that actually works, and that will showcase what Woo can do for you. It’s not to make money (so no affiliate links or ads), but purely to show you what’s possible.

That also means that you, my lovely reader, get to input on this shop. If you feel like it could use certain plugins or applications, please feel free to let me know.

Let’s make this a crowd sources showcase!

What you can expect: I will do blogs and vlogs about how I’m setting up certain parts of the store. Maybe even do a Google Hangout or two.

The Shop: Woo BBQ

If there’s going to be only one thing you know about me, let it be that I love BBQ. My husband and I own 11 different kinds or grills, and we planned on opening a BBQ bistro at one point in our lives.

So when I thought about what kind of shop I’d showcase… Well, you can probably guess by the name. If you have an aversion to seeing pictures of meat, please stay away from this webshop. Fair warning, and all that.

While it will not actually sell any BBQ food (wish that I could!), let’s imagine that it does. Imagine that we have a client, looking to set up shop.

In the very first part of this showcase series, we’ll discuss what elements are important to know about when setting up a webshop.

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