A List Of Things I Will Never Buy Again Because Of WordCamps

I go to 5-12 WordCamps/conferences a year. That means a lot of swag! While the list below is meant as a bit of a joke, I do hope sponsors will take note. Maybe it’s time to step outside the norm!

  • Sunglasses
  • T-shirts
  • Stickers
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Buttons and pins
  • Socks
  • Anti-stress balls
  • Hosting
  • Power banks
  • USB extension cables

I appreciate the sentiment, and I understand the need for sponsors to share items with their names on it.

Suggested Changes

If you’re a sponsor looking for great ideas, here are mine:

  • Stuff I can take home to my kids. About 70% of my swag goes to them. Yoast does this really well with their Lego figurines.
  • Stuff aimed at women. Most gadgets I see at WordCamps are aimed at men. Some stuff for the ladies would be nice!
  • Decorations for my home. There’s a reason I like mugs. Let me brighten my home with your best decorative stuff!

What’s your best swag haul?

The best thing I received so far was a Popsocket for my phone. I use it daily!

What’s yours?

2 Replies to “A List Of Things I Will Never Buy Again Because Of WordCamps”

  1. Strong agreement with this. I try really hard now not to take stuff home from WordCamps.

    Here are the things I’ve gotten at WordCamps I use:
    1) WordCamp Orlando 2014 computer back back (speaker gift)
    2) WordCamp DFW 2014 small aluminum water bottle (everyone got these.)
    3) GoDaddy bean bag type thing for holding phone upright on desk.
    4) WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016 laser engraved luggage tag (speaker gift)

    BTW Worst gift ever is the USB battery packs. Sounds great but they are always the cheap kind that die after 1-3 uses.

    1. Oh yes, the water bottles! I forgot about those! I have a ton of them. Also forgot one of the best gifts in the eyes of my kid: a mini drone, courtesy of GoDaddy during WordCamp Europe. You should have seen the crowd they gathered! No contest or anything, just picking out people at random.

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