Hosting For My WooCommerce Store

I’ve chosen Pressable as the hosting company for Smoke Academy. In this post, I’ll tell you why – and also why I think you should too. This post contains no affiliate links.

WooCommerce Specific Hosting

Pressable: WooCommerce specific hosting

It’s important to me that my website has a team behind it that understands the software I’m working with. Pressable is currently promoting their WooCommerce services and that makes me happy for several reasons:

  1. The support team will know the most common WooCommerce issues
  2. The servers have been set up to deal with scaling an performance

This means that if there is anything wonky going on that I am not able to fix myself, the hosting team has my back.

SSL Support

Even as an internet person, SSL certificates are a mystery to me. I’ve never understood how to implement them, and I’ve had a hard time finding someone who could explain them to me. But with Google’s moves to make SSL certificates an important part of how your website is scored, it is important that a certificate is implemented.

Pressable saves the day here. With the click of a button, you get a completely free SSL certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt installed on your site. No need to do complicated tasks, or having to know what you’re doing. It’s already there when you sign up.

Pressable: SSL certificate

This easily saves me a couple of hours, and that’s with me being a fairly competent web person. Imagine the headache it will save if you’re not all that confident with web related stuff!

Auto Updates

This might not be for everyone, but I quite like it: I do not need to think about updating my WordPress version. When a stable version is out, my sites get updated.

This does not happen with my installed plugins, mind you. I do need to go in and make sure my themes and plugins are updated, but hey. I’m going to have to be in the `wp-admin` side of things anyways.

I Can Go On

The point I would like to make here is that you need a hosting company that does the things that you feel comfortable with. And if you already have a hosting company and things are not working out, learn from my mistake: switching to a different one can be such a relief!

My question to you: what company did you choose, and why?

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