How To Be A Good WordCamp Attendee

How To Be A Good WordCamp Attendee

Most WordCamps have a Code of Conduct in place. This is a great document that makes sure everyone attending is safe, comfortable, and feels welcomed. I’d like to iterate on this, and give you some pointers on how you can be the best attendee any WordCamp can hope to have.

Respect The Speakers

Speaking in front of a crowd is nerve wrecking. I don’t know anyone who does not feel a slight hint of panic before getting up on the stage. These speakers have worked very hard on preparing their talk, practicing it, and delivering it in the best way possible. Here’s what you can do to make them feel awesome:

  1. Applaud them. Getting a loud applause after delivering a talk is the best feeling in the world.
  2. Be silent. This is not just important for the speaker, but also for your fellow attendees. We come there to listen to the speaker, not to your whispered comments. Keep the talk outside of the speaker rooms.
  3. Think of questions. Nothing worse than hearing crickets after asking: “Does anyone have any questions?”
    If you go into a talk determined to ask a question afterwards, you will be more attentive to what’s being said.

Respect The Organizers And Volunteers

These fine people give up their time and energy making sure you have a great WordCamp. Preparing the event takes months, and it’s all done out of the love for the community.

Nothing ever goes 100% as planned. Mistakes happen. Most organizers will welcome any tips you have to make their event better in the future, but leave the petty comments at home. Or, if you feel like you can do better, join the organizing team and do the work yourself.

Respect Your Fellow Attendees

I’ve written about extending a warm welcome to new members of the community before. Besides respecting the Code of Conduct, watch out for times where you can help another attendee. Contributing to WordPress also means contributing to a safe and enjoyable environment for others attending a WordCamp.

Keep things clean. There are trash cans everywhere. Make sure others do not need to pick up what you leave behind. It’s common sense!

What’s Your Opinion?

Have you ever noticed something that you think other attendees could improve upon? I’d love to add it to my list!