Coming Out At 27

I am bisexual. There. Said it.

Up until now the only person who actually heard me say these words was my husband. Not that I’ve been afraid to come out up until now, I just never really saw the point. I have only in the last few years really determined that I am in fact bisexual, and most of that realizing happened when I was already married.

That doesn’t mean I want to go out and find a girlfriend right now, and certainly not that I am looking for a threesome. I’ve just come to realize who I am, and my sexuality matters in knowing who I am.

I chose to come out so publicly because it’s important to me that people know who I am. In a world that is – sadly – becoming more anti-LGBTQ, I feel very strongly about the need for subjects like sexual preference and mental health to be discussed.

So yes, I am bisexual and now as out as it gets.

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